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Jim Van Meerten - - Tue Jul 10, 3:48PM CDT
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 IRTC - Irhythm Technologies Inc

The Barchart Chart of the Day belongs to iRhythm Technologies (IRTC). I found the medical information systems stock by using Barchart to sort today's Top Stocks to Own list first by the highest technical buy signals, then I used the Flipchart feature to review the charts for consistent price appreciation in the lat 6 months. Since the Trend Spotter signaled a buy in 6/28 the stock gained 7.98%.

iRhythm Technologies, Inc. is a digital healthcare company. It focuses on the provision of ambulatory electrocardiogram, monitoring for patients at risk for arrhythmias primarily in the United States. The company offers ZIO Service, a platform which provides wearable biosensor with cloud-based data analytics that distill data from heartbeats into clinically actionable information. iRhythm Technologies, Inc. is headquartered in San Francisco, California.


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