St. Louis Truck Grain Prices at Terminal Elevators
USDA - Fri Aug 10, 3:13PM CDT
Jefferson City, MO    Fri Aug 10, 2018    MO Dept of Ag-USDA Market News

St. Louis Daily Grain Prices

Terminal Prices, unless otherwise noted
                         Basis     Change       Cash Bids    Change      
US 2 Soft Red Winter
Wheat                 -4U   0U     unch         5.42-5.46    dn 18     
   Processor               n/a     n/t          n/a          n/t
US 1 Yellow Soybeans -19X -21X     up 2 unch    8.40-8.42    dn 43 dn 41
US 2 Yellow Corn           10U     unch dn 3    3.67         dn 12 dn 15
US 2 Yellow Sorghum         5U     unch         3.63         dn 11

The following prices are monthly prices and will be made available on the
2nd Monday of each month. 

June 2018 prices:

US 2 Soft Red Winter (Truck)  5.17
US 1 Yellow Soybeans (Truck)  9.28
US 2 Yellow Corn (Truck)      3.72
US 2 Yellow Sorghum (Truck)   3.78  

Chicago Board of Trade/Kansas City Board of Trade month symbols: F-
January, H-March, K-May, N-July, Q-August, U-September, V-October, X-
November, Z-December, n/b no bid, n/a not available, n/t no trend.

Source: MO Dept of Ag-USDA Market News Service, Jefferson City, MO
        Caroline Tyler-Carter, Market Reporter 573-751-5618
        24 hour recorded report 1-573-522-9244

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